Our flock consists of about 100 hens, and our colorful eggs are a result of having a variety of breeds.   These include the common layers such as Barred Rock, Golden Comet, Americauna, Wellsummer and Rhode Island Red as well as the less common Isbar, Olive Egger, Black Copper Maran and Cream Legbar.  The eggs range from solid to speckled, white to dark brown, or shades of light blue, pink, or green.

Our chickens spend their days free-ranging in the pastures where they eat a diet of bugs and plants supplemented with grain- some of which comes from spent grains from local brewers.  At night they go back in to their mobile coop for safety.  We are happy about all the nutritious eggs they produce, but also appreciate that their manure fertilizes our pastures.

Eggs are available at the Saturday morning Athens Farmers’ Market from 9-12.

Pullet Eggs and Parlor