We seasonally milk Alpine and Toggenburg dairy goats and use the milk to make farmstead cheeses and yogurt. We have a Grade A creamery right on our farm where we make small batches of these products from milk that is gently pasteurized and minimally processed.  “Farmstead” means all the milk for our products comes from our own herd. As a result we are working with the freshest milk  and know that the animals supplying it are raised with the utmost concern for their wellbeing and that of the environment.  Additionally, we make all of our products using electricity from solar power.

Our products are available at the Athens Farmer’s Market Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 9am-noon.  They are also available at these other Athens locations:

  • Athens Bread CompanyAWA LOGO Original with black letters
  • Athens Uncorked
  • Avalanche Pizza
  • Donkey Coffee
  • The Farmacy 
  • Little Fish Brewery
  • Village Bakery and Cafe’s Undercover Market

Please contact us to place an order for cheese to serve at special events or give as gifts.


Our drinkable yogurt contains probiotics with live active cultures and is made without added thickeners or stabilizers. It comes in 4 flavors:

Plain– with no added sugars
Honey– made with Ohio raw honey
Maple– lightly sweetened with local maple syrup
Mixed Berry– most of berries are from our own farm and lightly sweetened with organic cane sugar


Chèvre– Chèvre is mild, spreadable fresh cheese that goes well with everything from toast to fruit to salads.  It is the classic cheese most people think of when they think of goat cheese.  We offer 3 types:

  • Plain
  • Herb
  • Cracked Pepper

Cabecou– Cabecou is slightly firmer than chèvre and is aged in olive oil and spices but is still a fresh cheese that does not develop a rind.  We offer 2 types:

  • Herb- aged in oregano, coriander, and pepper
  • Chili Lime- aged in lime juice and our own cayenne peppers
Crescenza– Our crescenza is similar to feta but less salty and more creamy.  It is great on salads, pizza or straight from the package.



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