GOAT KIDS-  For those interested in buying kids, we take reservations starting the fall before they are due.  We have had no incidence of CAE or CL to date.   Our original herd started with registered ADGA goats, but we have not found it worthwhile to continue registering kids.  We have primarily purebred and hybrid alpine and toggenburg dairy goats. We breed for milk production in our pasture-based system, even temperament, and natural resistance to parasites. Kids are born mid-March through the end of April.  Those that are moving off the farm will be pulled at birth, given colostrum, then bottle fed goat’s milk.  They will need to be picked up before they are 10 days old so we can return our focus to our other farm responsibilities.  Goats should not be kept alone, so plan on buying at least two or integrating them in with other goats of the same age.  Please specify if you would like bucklings to be wethered (castrated).  Wethers serve as companions to intact (non-castrated) males or does, can be used to clear brush, and have a mild flavor if butchered for meat. We do not disbud our animals.  Please contact us to discuss reservations.

ADULT DOES- While we really do like them all, there are times when we need to pick and choose our absolute favorites and find good homes for the rest.  Right now we do not have any available for sale, but check back again in the future if you are interested.

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