We use fresh milk from our herd to handcraft small batches of soap right here at the farm.  Our soaps contain only pure essential oils for fragrance and natural clay and botanical sources for colorants.  No artificial perfumes or dyes.  Goat milk soap is known for being mild and gentle which makes it suitable for all skin types and people of all ages. Creekside Farm soaps are made without the use of palm oil (a hardening agent) due to ethical and environmental concerns.  We use electricity generated by solar power to make our products.

To prolong the life of your soap and prevent it from becoming soft, we recommend keeping your soap on a draining dish and away from direct streams of water between uses.

Our handmade goat milk soap is available at the Athens Farmer’s Market on Wednesday mornings from 9am-1pm and Saturday mornings from 9am-noon.  We also welcome orders for special events. Locally made, handcrafted soap is a great idea for gift giving of all sorts.  Please keep in mind that this type of soap takes 4-6 weeks to cure before it will be ready for sale.


Soap on Railing

Top: Thieves, Poison Ivy Relief, Lavender. Bottom: Lemon Baking Soda, Cedar Comfrey, Oatmeal Honey

Soaps for Bridal Shower